Sands and Hands, Shovels and Pales

Beach Ideas for Little Kids

So what about the little ones? We’ve dedicated most of this site to family beach games to play when the kids are a bit older and you can either send them in a direction with a beach game to play, or we’ve been able to conjure up a game where we can get the whole family into the beach game.


Shovels and Pales

Sometimes a beach vacation can be a make-or-break event just by the little ones’ reactions to the beach. Let’s face it, if the beach is a chore with trying to keep the little ones occupied or fighting them just to play with the shovel and bucket, it could spell disaster for the next several days.

Keeping your Child Occupied at the Beach

Sands and hands, shovels and pales provide plenty of beach ideas and tricks to keep in mind when you are dealing with little kids. And maybe even more importantly it’s a way to get them to look forward to the beach for the several years.