Beach Volleyball

Typical Beach Volleyball games are games played between players consisting of two players on each side.  For the ultra-intense beach volleyballers, or the volleyballers playing in Santa Monica, California, there probably isn’t any other way to go.  But when at the Shore, a friendly beach game between families or just a group of beach-vacationers who want to get off the beach chairs for the afternoon, beach volleyball is a way to play hard and get dirty.

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Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball, when played with more than two players, is played the same as indoor volleyball.  It’s a less intense game since there are more players on each side who are just enjoying the day, but be aware that there is always that Uncle lurking who thinks he is in the Beach Volleyball Olympics and is just waiting to spike the ball at the ten year old on the other side of the net.

For the friendly beach games at the Shore, the scoring system should be the team gets a point no matter who serves, otherwise it might make for a long afternoon if only the serving team gets the point.

Although the point system should be “Shore-friendly”, be sure you keep the basic rules of the game in play.  Teams should rotate when starting a new serve.  Teams can only set the ball three times before hitting over the net to the other team, and no consecutive sets by a player.

With the 2vs2 matchup, that’s where you typically get the ultra-competitive games going.  You may see an old-sibling rivalry reborn with a brother-vs.-brother matchup.  Best advice here: stay clear and place your bets!