Footprints in the Sand

So you want to keep your child occupied a bit on the beach, as well as try to work off a bit of this morning’s five-course breakfast?  Start walking in the sand while your child sits on the beach blanket and counts to thirty.

Beach Activities for Kids

Footprints in the Sand

Once at thirty, have your child follow your Footprints to try to find you (of course depending on your child’s age, they may require some help in counting to thirty and/or following your footprints).

It’s a bit like hide-and-seek, or like Marco Polo in the pool, but your child can only find you by following your footprints.  The little ones love playing this with Mom or Dad, and it gives Mom or Dad yet another excuse to get off their beach bums and get a little exercise while on their Shore vacation.

Another fun activity along the lines of footprints is picking up a beach watering-can; they sell them with the buckets and shovels at the five-and-dime.  Fill the watering-can up with water and make a trail in the sand.  Have your little one follow the trail of water to you.

Whether it’s the watering-can or footprints, it’s always fun when the kids find you hiding in the dunes or behind the lifeguard stand.  Just enjoy their reactions!