Run the Bases

Beach Games for the Family

For the baseball enthusiasts in the family, Run the Bases is an absolute beach event. Although you don’t really have to be a baseball enthusiast to play, you don’t even need to be a sports enthusiast, heck you don’t even need to have an athletic ability in your body. Run the Bases is a fun beach game to get the whole family and group involved in.



How to play Run the Bases

What you need to play:

  • A ball: it can be a tennis ball, paddle ball, or just a rubber ball
  • Draw two boxes in the sand 20-25 feet from each other
  • Two people (usually the dad’s) start by manning each base and throwing the ball back and forth
  • A bunch of kids running back-and-forth between bases trying not to be tagged out

Group Games for the Beach

The runners – usually the kids – try to steal the bases safely while the throwers try to tag them out. The game can be played with the runners getting three outs or one out. Once the runner gets their third out (or first out if you are playing a one out game) they are now the thrower. Whichever thrower tagged the runner out for their final out typically switches places with the person tagged out. For the older dad’s it’s usually more enjoyable to remain a stead thrower throughout the game – saves a little wear-and-tear on the old hammy’s!

One of the enjoyable parts of Run the Bases is you will usually pick up a kid or two to join the game. Run the Bases is a great to get your kid introduced to other kids on the beach.

After about 20 minutes complete exhaustion usually ends the game with the sweaty and sandy group heading for the ocean!