Hot Corner

Hot Corner takes the game of catch and puts a little competition into it.  Hot Corner can be played with two people or more.



The rules are simple:

Throw the ball to the other person, or the next person, if playing with multiple people.

If the person catches the ball in the air, they get two points.

If they catch it on a bounce, they get one point.

If the person catches it on more than one bounce, or they don’t catch it, they get zero points.

First to 100 points wins.



If playing with multiple people, decide beforehand the rotation of who is throwing to whom.  Hot Corner can be played with a tennis ball or rubber ball.  It can also be played with a soccer ball or volley ball.

For the real enthusiast, trying playing with a football and see how hard it will be to catch on one bounce with the bounce rotation of the football.

For a challenge though, try Hot Corner with no set rotation.  Stay on your toes because you’ll never know when the ball will be coming to you next!

Take the game into the ocean.  All catches must be in the air when playing in the ocean.  Flip the rules around and give two points for a catch and five points if you catch the ball while diving into a wave.