Drippy Castles

Well, if this one sounds pretty basic to you, it’s because it is.  Drippy Castles keep the kids happy.

beach games for kids

    Drippy Castles

Help them out. Start them out.  Sit them down in the sand by the shoreline.  Build them a little pile of wet sand, then drip some wet sand on top to form castles and towers.  Bingo!  Instant entertainment.  Instant fun.

Now try drippy castles on their legs.  Have your little ones sit on the beach with their legs in front of them.  Grab some wet sand and drip it on their legs.  You’ve created drippy castles right on them.  Talk about entertainment for a two year old!  Not only that, but once they have created their master piece to satisfaction, have them wash it off and do it again!  Back and forth in out of the sand and water.  What more could you ask for?

Now sit your chair next to them by the ocean and get back to that trashy beach novel you are trying to get through this week!