Fill a Hole With Water

Games to Keep your Small Kids Occupied at the Beach

Can it be that simple? You be it can! Filling a Hole with Water is simply flipping up the digging a channel to the ocean game a bit. After all, we all know that filling an entire week of digging a channel to the ocean will only go so far. So an easy way to resolve that problem is just turning it into a filling a hole with water game.

Fun Things for your Young Kids while on Vacation

Let’s start with getting off our beach chairs again. Once there, grab a shovel and start digging, and I mean really digging – this hole needs to be deep. The deeper the hole, the more occupied your kids become. Dig a hole that makes the kids feel like they are halfway to the center of the earth. Get the kids to grab their shovels too and help dig the hole.

Once the hole meets your specifications grab the buckets and start the mad dash to fill the hole with water. One of the beautiful parts of this game is it’s obviously impossible to keep the hole filled with water – sometimes the kids don’t seem to pick up on that right away!

Engage the surrounding kids again and have them bring their gear, i.e., buckets and shovels. Just as with digging a channel to the ocean, children love trying to keep the hole filled with water. Some of the kids stay in the hole while ocean water is poured over them and into the hole.

Beach Activities for Younger Kids

As with the channel to the ocean, your services investment in this activity is pretty much on autopilot from this moment on. You’ve again become the local beach hero , and in the end you’ve really just created two of the same beach game for the kids:

  • Channel to the Ocean
  • Filling a Hole with Water

These games provide your kids with alternative beach games for the week. Both are big hits – for the kids and for you!