Wiffle Ball

Beach Wiffle Ball Tournaments

I don’t know of a better beach sport to play at the beach than Wiffle Ball.  Whether it is a full game with 5-6 players or more per side, or a game of 1vs.1 or 2vs.2, always have the wiffle ball and bat ready to go when you go to the beach.

Beach Wiffle Ball

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Beach Wiffle Ball Rules

Wiffle ball games that field at least five players on each team should be played with typical baseball rules: three strikes, three outs.  Although, to keep the game moving and keep it competitive, a two-strike, two-out per inning game may suffice.

Teams typically argue whether walks should be allowed in wiffle ball – walks should be allowed if you are using the ol’ beach chair as the catcher.

Place a beach chair in the catchers’ position behind home plate.  When the pitcher pitches, if the pitched-ball hits any part of the beach chair, it is a strike.  The pitch has to make it to the beach chair in the air in order to be a strike.

If the pitch misses the beach chair, and the batter does not swing, it is a ball.  Of course, any swing-and-a-miss by the batter is a strike.  The beach chair keeps the game moving and forces the pitcher to pitch for strikes.  It also allows for those knee-buckling wiffle ball curve balls and wiffle ball drop-pitches to be strikes.  When choosing teams, make sure you have that Old, Crafty Uncle on your team.  Old Uncles always seem to make the best wiffle ball pitchers.

Number of Beach Wiffle Ball Players

Typical beach wiffle ball games last about three innings, or at least that’s about the amount of time before the afternoon sun has zapped most of the players’ energy away.  Regardless of whether you’re playing 2vs.2 or 5vs.5, two or three outs per inning, be sure to set the ground rules prior to the first pitch.

With any wiffle ball game, “beaming” is allowed – and should always be allowed – we’re talking about a wiffle ball here!  Beaming is throwing the ball at the runner in addition to tagging them out or throwing to the fielder covering the base.  For safety of course, any beaming in the head is an automatic safe.

In addition to beaming, Pitchers Poison should be used in the 1vs1 and 2vs2 games.  Pitchers Poison allows the defensive players to either throw the ball to the pitcher, or get to the pitchers box prior to the runner reaching base.  With limited players in the field, it is a must in these games.

Wiffle ball is also one of the great 1vs1, 2vs2, or even 3vs3 beach games too.  The rules can vary slightly for these games.  The beach chair catcher is essential.  For a real tough game, make it either a one-strike, one-out per inning game, or two-strikes, two-out per inning game.  This forces the batters to swing and ends the game strategy of trying to walk your way to victory.  If you are playing these rules, a minimum of seven innings is usually needed, but you should plan on a nine inning game.  These games usually favor the defensive teams.

The 1vs1 and 2vs2 games can also be played at a much more relaxed pace.  After all, this is a book is intended for “North of 40 Crowd” too.  For the couch potato wiffle ball players out there (and you know who you are), you can enjoy a three inning game without even breaking a sweat.

Make markers in the playing field for a single, double, triple, and home run (as well as foul lines too). The beach chair catcher is 100% required in this game.  After the ball is hit, if it travels in the air to the single mark, it’s a single.  If it travels in the air to the double marker, it’s a double – same for triple and home run.

Balls hit on the ground can also be outs as long as the defensive player catches the ball prior to the ball stopping and does not allow the ball to pass them.  There is no running required in this game; just the occasional jog from playing the field while on defense to sitting on your comfortable beach chair with your favorite drink next to you while your team is at bat.

Now, Play Ball!

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