Frisbee Golf

Frisbee Golf Beach Games

Frisbee Golf – or “Frolf” as once referred to by George Costanza in an episode of Seinfeld – combines the love of Frisbee with golf. Frisbee Golf really took off in the 1960’s. Today there is a governing body of Frisbee golf called the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) – you can’t make this stuff up! Beach Frisbee Golf played with family and friends while on vacation doesn’t quite require the same regimented rules as required by the PDGA, but some balance of regulation and fun is required!

Frisbee Golf Rules

One rule which is pretty standard with Frisbee golf is a wide playing surface. Just as with beach football or beach wiffle ball a large enough playing surface is needed. Sometime beach Frisbee golf is best played toward the end of the day when the beach is a little less crowded, or even early in the morning. A wider beach and playing surface allows some of those errant throws to sail harmlessly out of bounds without the fear of taking off the head of a nearby sunbather.

When playing Frisbee golf at the beach you can simply dig holes in the sand to designate the playing holes. If you have a basket or bucket you can also use that to designate the holes, but digging actual holes in the sand usually works best for beach Frisbee golf.

Just Another Day at the Beach

When deciding who tees off first, try to make it interesting: have a race to the ocean, dive in, and sees who gets back first to decide who tees off first. Just like actual golf, Frisbee golf is fun to play with some good friends, a cooler of beverages nearby, and some food at the beach blanket to enjoy in-between holes.