Build a Statue in the Sand

Have you ever walked up-and-down the beach and just taken notice to all of the interesting items that washed up along the shore from the ocean? The ocean debris can be your canvas for the world.

Use your Imagination 

We’ve all seen the debris, but aside from pretty seashells, who really pays attention to what the ocean wave’s crash on the shoreline? Grab a bucket and let’s take a walk and find out. 

Walk the shoreline with your family and collect the seaweed, driftwood, seashells (and not just the pretty shells but the broken ones too), and whatever else the ocean has sent our way that day.  Bring them back to your beach blanket and let your creative side take over.

Beach Masterpiece

Dump the items outs and begin building statues or figures in the sand.  Between the shells, the seaweed, the driftwood, and whatever you could carry, you can create quite the beach museum from the items you find on the beach.