Bury the Kids in the Sand

If you haven’t figured this one out yet, it’s either your first-ever trip to the Shore, or maybe you should think about a vacation in the mountains next summer.

Family games at the beach

Bury the kids in the Sand


Burying the Kids in the Sand is a time-honored tradition that goes back as far as the first beach vacationers.  The kids love it; the parents love it; everybody wins!

Dig a deep-enough and wide-enough hole for your child to fit into.  Tell them to hop in; keeping their heads out of the hole of course.  Start filling the hole back with sand.

One of the enjoyable moments here is that after you have buried your child in the sand, they love just sitting in the hole with sand buried up to their heads!  Talk about killing an afternoon.

Just as much fun with burying the kids in the sand, is going swimming with them after they dig themselves out.  Just as with the beach sports mentioned earlier, there is no way this ends without a dip in the ocean.

When your child finally pulls themselves out of their entombed beach hole, they are beach monsters.  Enjoy this opportunity to go swimming with the kids, and not just standing by the shoreline as they swim.  Race them down to the ocean and jump in with them.  Roll around in the ankle-deep water with your child and at the end of the swim try to figure out who enjoyed it more, you or them.