Paddle Ball Maze

It’s amazing how much good usage you can get out of a hole on the beach and a giant mountain of sand next to it – only if we could package this up and bring it home with us.

Now it’s time to take a paddle ball, or a tennis ball, or any other type of small ball you have brought to the beach with you.  Come on, we know you have something in that giant beach bag you carry every day – and I’m talking to the Dad’s here!

Smooth out the giant mountain of sand.  Take the paddle ball and begin to carve out a lane from the top of the heap of sand going round-and-round until it dumps the ball out into the hole.  Once the pattern is carved out, place the ball at the top of the mound and let it weave its way round-and-round to the bottom.  If the sand mountain castle is big enough, carve out multiple lanes for multiple paddle balls to run through.

The kids will enjoy racing the balls down the mountain maze that you have created – again, you’ve become the beach hero.  Now, kick back and enjoy the races.