Build a Car in the Sand

Building a Car or Boat in the Sand is an all-time favorite Dad thing to do to keep kids occupied for an afternoon on the beach.  This doesn’t take much at all, except a shovel and a bit of imagination.

Dig two or more rectangular holes in the sand. Make sure that the ends line up and the long edges of the rectangles face each other. Leave enough space in between the rectangles so that the raised sand in between can act as seats and the holes themselves can act as floorboards.

. Use the sand that you dug for the holes to build up the front, back, and sides of the car.  Use some shells, or shovels, and even some buckets to make up the steering wheel, headlights, mirrors, and doors.  And viola, instant car.

Little kids enjoy the car, or boat, more than you could possibly imagine.  The nice thing is your car is there all day, so your little ones have something to come back to throughout the course of your beach day.