The Great Channel

Dig a Channel to the Ocean

Come on dads, you know when it comes down to it you really want to get down in the sand with the kids, dig in the dirt, and get all dirty and wet. Well get off your beach bum and get creative with it. Think bigger than just digging in the sand with the $2 bucket and shovel you just bought at the five-and-dime. The kids can dig in the sand on their own! It’s time for you to start thinking big about how to make this a beach day they’ll remember!

beach games for little kids

Digging a Channel to the Ocean

Beach Games for Little Kids

Digging a channel to the ocean might be the easiest thing for dads and moms to do that will require relatively little work and potentially an afternoon of enjoyment for your little ones – and relaxation for you!

All little kids love playing in the sand, but they sometimes get a little bored because let’s face it, how much digging can you actually do? As parents, your goal is to give them something to dig for.

How to Keep your Child Occupied on the Beach

The stage is pretty simple to set. Just dig a channel from your beach blanket down to the ocean. Once the channel is dug out, get a bucket of water and pour it from the top of the channel and watch it flow back to the ocean. Then kick back and enjoy as your kids run up and down the beach from your blanket to the ocean pouring water through the channel.

Have a few buckets on hand and as your kids, and maybe even a few others, join in to keep the water flowing down the channel. Of course every now and then your assistance will be required to help dig out the great channel, but for the most part it’s an afternoon of enjoyment as you watch the kids scamper frantically to keep the water flowing through the channel.

The extra nice part of this is if you are successful enough in recruiting some of the other kids from neighboring beach blankets, you’ve also set your child up with a playmate for the week!