Collecting and Painting Seashells

Is there more of a Shore thing to do than collecting seashells?  Collecting shells along the beach is a relaxing and enjoyable way to spend a day at the Shore with the family.

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Collecting and Painting Shells

Be sure to bring a bucket along to carry your beach treasures home with you.  (To find the really great shells, head out early in the morning and see what the ocean brought in overnight).

Once back at the Shore house, go to your five-and-dime and pick up some finger paint or a set of crayons.  Let your little ones creative side flourish by painting and drawing the works of art of the day’s collection.  You will wind up with something a whole lot more than a bucket of shells; you wind up taking home a bucket of memories.

P.S. – Be sure the kids are painting the shells outside.  You don’t need to lose your security-deposit on spilled finger-paint all over the kitchen table and floor!