Frisbee Football

Kick off your Beach Vacation with Frisbee Football

Whether it’s played with 3vs.3, 4vs.4, or more, Frisbee Football is the ultimate beach game for the ultimate for the ultimate beach warriors!


Beach Frisbee Football

        Frisbee Football

Frisbee Football Rules

No difference in rules between regular beach football and Frisbee football – that is except the fact you are playing with a Frisbee and not a football.

The ultimate part of Frisbee football is you never really no where the Frisbee may go when that quarterback is under pressure from the defense and has to let that Frisbee go.  Once it leaves his or her hand, it’s anyone’s guess where the flying disc will travel from there.

Frisbee Football Ultimate Beach Game

Frisbee football adds some fun to those who want to enjoy a get-out-and-get-it-game, but not necessarily in the mood for an actual football game.

One additional item with Frisbee football – like some of the other games mentioned here, Frisbee football is best played early in the morning or late in the day when there are not as many people on the beach. You need some space to play, and you need to be cautious of where those errant flips of the disc travel.