Build a Beach Slide

Another great beach activity for the little ones is building a slide into that deep hole that you just dug out.


Beach Games for Little Kids

Dig a Deep Beach Hole


As you are digging the monstrous, deep, wide hole, an added bonus is the giant sand castle that you are unintentionally creating right next to this gigantic hole. Sometimes, with any great idea, another great idea arises.  The giant mountain of a sand castle is just that.

Keep on track with digging out the giant hole you initially set your sights on, but don’t lose sight of the potential prize of the mountain building up next to you.  As you dig, keep adding to the pile of sand next to the hole.

Once you have the hole at the depth and width you need it, smooth out a section of the mountain and you created a sliding-board for the hole.  Keep the kids filling the hole with water, and you’ve got yourself your own personal poolside heaven next to the ocean with a sliding-board into the pool.