A backyard game and summer picnic game that has swept across the country over the last decade or so is the game of Ladders or Ladder Ball.

Ladders at the Beach or BBQ


Ladder ball is a game that seems to have been invented with the intention of getting Dads, Moms, Aunts and Uncles off their lounge chairs and into some competitive game action in the summer without causing too much physical exertion.   Ladder ball is a terrific game to take along with you to the shore.

The ladders are typically 15-20 feet from each other, but depending on the competition, they can be placed further or closer.  It can be played one-against-one or a team consisting of two players each side.  Play to 21 and win by 2 points.


The scoring system is determined by players landing the tossed bola on a rung of the ladder.  Scoring systems vary family-to-family on how many points each ladder rung is worth.  Typically the middle rung is the toughest rung to hit, so that should be worth three points.  The bottom rung is the second toughest rung to hit, so that should be worth two points.  And the top rung is the simplest rung to hit, so that should be worth one point.

The ruling system sometimes varies from family-to-family, or rules instructions included within each game.  Whatever ruling system you use, it’s another great day at the shore.