Miniature Golf

No beach vacation is complete without a round or two of miniature golf. If you have the competitive family, set a day aside for a Miniature Golf Outing.

Hit a few of the Miniature Golf courses along the boardwalk and play a tournament to see who wins the most rounds, who shoots for the best score, who gets the most holes-in-one, and who wins the most free games.

Break the family up into teams of four and play a three, four, five different courses in the same day (your choice if the teams have to play the same courses, or just randomly pick their own courses).

At the end of the day, meet back for dinner and tally up the scores.  See which team had the best overall score.  If the teams are playing the same courses, tally up the team scores from each course to see which team won which course.  Tally up the scores at dinner with prizes for the winners.  It’s a fabulous way to spend the day, and great way to get the family together.