Bucket Races

Now if you can’t get your competitive juices flowing for this one, you might as well just sit back down on the beach chair, tilt the beach umbrella to shield the sun, and just go back to your siesta.

You don’t need an athletic bone in your body, or an ounce of sports sense to your being to enjoy Bucket Races.  It is relay-races with buckets of filled ocean water!  Grab the family, and the family sitting next to you for that matter, and get some buckets and let’s go!

The object of Bucket Races is simple: TO WIN!  Bucket Races is the beach version of the relay-race.  Break the family or group into teams; the amount of teams will depend on how many people you have.  Break the teams into two sections: one section near the ocean, the other section at the top of the beach.

The team members at the ocean start the race.  The object is to carry the filled-bucket of ocean water up to the top of the beach and hand to off to your teammate at the top of the beach.  The kicker is, you can’t spill any water from the bucket.  If you do, you must mark you spot, fill the bucket back up, go back to your spot, and proceed with the Bucket Race!

The object of the game is whichever team finishes the race first, wins!  Make the game ultra-competitive and have the losing team be forced to carry all the beach items back to the house at the end of the beach day. The game is easy, and most importantly the game is fun.  And remember, sure and steady usually wins the race!

One thing to be aware of when choosing sides: don’t pick the uncle who has been sitting next to the cooler of adult beverages all day.  The odds of him being able to carry a bucket of water up and down the beach without spilling are pretty remote!